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Transportation Headlines for Tuesday April 6, 2010

Analysis Of Google's Bike-There Feature, Part I
Utility Cycling

BART Expected To Avoid Service Cuts, Fare Increases In FY 2010-11 (a variety of cost-cutting measures and $26 million in state funding enough to replenish the reserves it dipped into last year to fend off the budget crisis)
StreetsBlog SF

Caltrain Goes Broke, Will Likely Wipe Out Weekend, Night And Midday Trains
(The popular commuter train service linking San Francisco, San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties to eliminate half its service; cities planning dense developments near train stations left in the lurch)
San Jose Mercury News

Can the High-Speed Rail Authority Dodge A Bullet?

Editorial: Safety First At Metrolink - Personality Tests For Conductors And Engineers Are Just One Part Of Upgrading The Rail System
Los Angeles Times

Functional Street Art
(In Los Angeles, wheat-pasted posters that indicate bike lanes have been cropping up on utility boxes all over the city)

A Grim Assessment Of L.A.'s Finances: City Controller Wendy Greuel Declares An "Urgent Financial Crisis" And Says The Only Way To Continue Paying Bills In the Short Term Is To Begin Draining The City's Already Limited Emergency Reserve
Los Angeles Times

Hazard And Security Activities Of The Transportation Research Board (132p. PDF)
U.S. Transportation Research Board

It's Hard To Compete With Free Echo Park Parking
Eastsider LA

Jobs Increase Across Transport Modes
Journal Of Commerce

Map Of The Day: The LA Bike Map

Mutual Benefits And Close Connections: Baseball And America's Streetcars In The 19th Century (6p. PDF)
U.S. Transportation Research Board

Q. & A.: Transportation Secretary On Biking, Walking And "What Americans Want"
(interview with Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood)
New York Times

Streetcar Revival: Will Your Town Be Next?
(AARP takes a comprehensive look at streetcars, exploring their past demise, their comeback and spread to as many as 40 cities, and how they increase mobility for seniors)
AARP Bulletin Today

TransPass Protest: Gender's A Sticky Issue
(SEPTA is the only major city transit agency with passes containing gender identification)
Philadelphia Daily News

What Happened To The Proposed "Transportation Tax" On Wall Street?
StreetsBlog DC

What Role For Polls In Policy Debates?
National Journal Transportation Blog

Will Bikers And Pedestrians Ever Be "Equal" To Drivers?

A Year Well-Spent: One Year Spent Car-Free
Imagine No Cars: Thoughts On Alternative Transportation And Urban Design