Transportation Headlines for Thursday April 22, 2010

The Metro Transportation Library has launched a new "Primary Resources" blog

Our new blog will:

profile the Library and Achives' unique collection of resources relating to transit and transportation history in Southern California

highlight activities in and information produced by the transportation research community

provide context for information related to Measure R projects and Metro's mobility agenda overall

Please check back frequently for new posts and information. It is an exciting time for transit and transportation in Southern California. We look forward to increasing access to important and valuable resources for our community.


30/10 Public Transit Plan Could Be Derailed Over Highway Projects & "Regional Equity"

"30 In 10," Street Repair, Parking Privatization: The State Of The City
StreetsBlog LA

405 Widening To Take Awhile
Westside Today

$48.8 Billion In Highway Funds Now Available To States: Annual Apportionment, Restored Dollars Will Enable States To Make Longer-Term Plans
U.S. DOT Press Release

66 Years Ago Today: Design For "Four Level" Interchange Unveiled
Blog Downtown

Amtrak Conducts First Biodiesel Fuel Test On Heartland Flyer
Progressive Railroading

Battle Looms Over Tunnel To Finish LA-Area Freeway (710 Extension)
San Jose Mercury News

California Assembly Hits, Kills Traffic Justice Bill
StreetsBlog SF

City Council Approves Cycle-Friendly Projects
Long Beach Cyclists

The Dawn Of A New Age Of Coach Travel? (In the wake of extended disruption to air travel due to volcanic activity, bus travel may take on new appeal. "To develop as a mass alternative to flight, what's needed next is an integrated combination of enhanced vehicles, improvements to existing infrastructure, web 3.0 platforms and social innovation to make each step of a journey easy and fun.")

Drive No More: 6 Alternatives To Your Car

Fullerton City Transportation Plan Unveiled
Cal State Fullerton Daily Titan

Getting To Dodger Stadium: The Aerial Gondola And Escalators That Never Were
Metro Library Primary Resources Blog

Is Speed Obsolete?
("For a while now, a strain of urbanist thought has been asking: Should we want transit to be slower?")
Human Transit

Kerry On Senate Climate Bill: Federal Gas Tax Is Staying At 18.4 Cents
StreetsBlog DC

LA StreetSummit Follow-Up: The Power Of Pilot Projects (April 29)
Living Streets LA

A Lobbyist's-Eye View Of The Washington Transport Scene
DC Velocity

The Looming Infrastructure Crisis: Financial, Policy And Political Problems Are Hurting Efforts To Fix Our Infrastructure

Momentum Building Against Metro Fare Hikes Scheduled For July 1
StreetsBlog LA

Move L.A.'s Transportation Conversation II Program Schedule
(Los Angeles Cathedral Conference Center : April 29, 2010)
Move L.A.

Obama Aide Defends Transit Safety Plan As Different From Rail Rules
StreetsBlog DC

Permanent Status Sought For Hail-A-Taxi
Blog Downtown

Pushing Pedals, Not Budgets (Travel resources for finding shared bikes programs around the world)
New York Times

Should Motorcycle Lane Splitting Be Legal In The U.S.?

Transit Industry Asks Congress To Quadruple Annual Security Funding
StreetsBlog DC

Ventura Bus Routes Get Slashed