Transportation Headlines for Tuesday March 9, 2010

The 10 Most Expensive Transit Projects Of The Decade (Los Angeles Red Line, Phase III is #5)

Amtrak WiFi Going National
Daily Wireless

Benefits And Pitfalls Of A National Infrastructure Bank
Transport Politic

Building An App To Help Neighbors Ride Together
StreetsBlog NY

China Promotes Its Transcontinental Ambitions With Massive Rail Plan
Transport Politic

Cities Where The Recession Is Easing
(Los Angeles showing signs of recovery)

DOT Research And Innovation Technology Administrator Peter Appel: New ITS Strategic Plan Envisions Unprecedented Mobility And Safety
U.S. DOT Fast Lane Blog

Experimental Clocks Tell Straphangers If The Wait May Soon Be Over
New York Times

L.A.’s Green Schools: Propane Buses, Solar Panels And Environmental Education
Los Angeles Times

More Big Blue Buses On The Way

Santa Monica Daily Press

MTA Plans Baby Steps For Billion Dollar NoHo Wave
Curbed LA

OCTA Backs Off Same Time Rail Work
Orange County Register

Orlando Conference Identifies High-Speed Rail’s Success Factors

Recognizing A Woman’s Role In Sustainable Transport
The City Fix

Regulatory Reform And HSR
California High Speed Rail Blog

Reinventing The Wheel: “Why Cycling Saves Lives” Message From Iceland
World Streets

Saving Money By Ditching The Car
StreetsBlog LA

The Site Where Chinese Laborers Were Interred, Their Graves Forgotten, Gets A Memorial: Transit Agency Builds A Memorial at Evergreen Cemetery And Will Rebury Remains That Were Excavated During Gold Line Eastside Extension
Los Angeles Times

Transit Grants Out The Federal Door, But What About The Cuts?
Transportation For America

Transport Jobs Shrink In February
Journal Of Commerce

Transportation Gets Stimulus: Buses, Trains Rolling As Federal Money Kicks In
Pasadena Star-News

Using GPS To Tag Potholes
National Public Radio

Villaraigosa To Ask Feds For $30 Billion In Transit Money

What Advice Would You Give [D.C.] Metro’s New Interim Head?
National Journal Transportation Blog

What Happens To Transportation Reform If A.B. 32 Does Get Repealed?
StreetsBlog LA