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Transportation Headlines for Thursday February 11, 2010

AASHTO Stimulus Report Omits Jobs Data Comparing Transit With Roads
DC StreetsBlog

Advocates Love The Bicycling Backbone Network
LA StreetsBlog

Alternate Ways To Fund U.S. Transportation System (Congress should take the opportunity provided by the pending re-authorization of the federal transportation bill to consider new ways to fund the U.S. transportation system, shifting from indirect fees such as fuel taxes to ones that charge drivers directly for the miles they travel)
Rand Corporation
Report Summary (14p. PDF)
Full-Text Report (151p. PDF)

Boxer, LaHood, Coming To Metro To Discuss Transportation Funding Bill
LA StreetsBlog

CA Senate Democrats Include HSR In Jobs Package: Will US Senate Dems Do It Too?
California High Speed Rail Blog

Caltrans Picks New Boss For L.A. And Ventura Counties
Los Angeles Times

The Clean Air Act's Investment Returns Rival Warren Buffet's
National Resources Defense Council Switchboard
EPA Study Abstract (2p. PDF)
Full-Text EPA Study

Expo Authority Finds Compromise, Has A Lot Of Work To Do
LA Curbed

Free Airport Wi-Fi Takes Off (advertising and sponsorship may be the future for transportation-related hot-spots)
USA Today

The Gas Tax Versus A VMT Tax: Is “All Of The Above” An Option?
DC StreetsBlog

Gold Line Station Ceremony (sign unveiled to mark location of future Aracadia station)
Arcadia's Best

Governor Gearing Up To Sell Ads On Freeway Electronic Signs
Sacramento Bee

L.A. County 10 Years Later: “A Tale Of Two Cities, One Future” Unveils Threatened Social And Economic Climate In County
United Way Of Greater Los Angeles

OCTA To Axe 130 Jobs, Cut Bus Service In March, Likely Cut More Service In September

Officials Say No To Parking Plan: Proposed Bill Steps On Local Transportation Administrators’ Toes, Leaders Say
Glendale News Press

Our View: Keeping Gold Line Extension On Track
Pasadena Star-News

Ports Of L.A., Long Beach Expected To see Imports Surge: National Retail Federation Forecasts A Jump In Imports Of As Much As 28% For The First Half Of 2010 As The Economy Recovers
Los Angeles Times

Proposal Would Lower Fines For Red-Light Violations In L.A.: Councilman Says Drivers' Fines Will Go Down And City Revenue Will Go Up If The City Processes Its Own Tickets
Los Angeles Times

Quantifying The Value Of Biking

Streetcar Sends $25 Million Request To Feds (Los Angeles Streetcar)
Blog Downtown