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Transportation Headlines for Tuesday January 5, 2010

Airlines Choose Alternative Fuels En Masse

APTA: Economic Slump Hitting Transit Ridership…But Not In L.A.
LA StreetsBlog

Are High-Speed Trains The Future Of Travel? (video interview: Maglev 2000 inventor Jim Powell)
Fox Business

Bills To Curb Distracted Driving Gain Momentum

Death To Dead Ends: Will The New Suburbia Omit Cul-De-Sacs?
Fast Company

Gold Line Riders Tour Nacimientos
Los Angeles Times

How About A Rail Line All The Way To LAX In 2010?

Integrating The Transportation Network Through Energy Credits
Transport Politic

LA's Best Bike Plan - "Bringing Home The Bacon!"

More Editorial Page Folly
California High Speed Rail Blog

New Year Begins With Distracted Driving On The Media, Legislative Radar
U.S. DOT Fast Lane Blog

No Streetsie Left Behind: Even More Awards For 2009
LA StreetsBlog

Rebranding TransLink
San Francisco Examiner

Rethinking Public Participation For Smart Growth
The City Fix

San Francisco Ready To Begin Construction On Transbay Terminal
Transport Politic
San Francisco Transbay Transit Center animation (video)

Schwarzenegger’s Folly: Rumored Budget Would Slash Transit Funds And Gas Tax
LA StreetsBlog

Smart Growth America Analysis Reveals Transportation Projects Create The Most Jobs At The Lowest Cost
Transportation For America
Press Release
Full-text report (13p. PDF)

The State Of Transportation (What were the three most important transportation developments of 2009, and what should be the top three transportation policy priorities of 2010, either for government at any level, or for the private sector?)
National Journal Transportation Blog

Three Years Of Bottlenecks On The 405
Los Angeles Daily News

Transit Agencies Upset By Governor Schwarzenegger's Plan To Divert Funds
SF StreetsBlog

Why Doesn’t The U.S. Have Decent Rail Service? Blame Democracy