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Transportation Headlines for Thursday January 14, 2010

28% Of Accidents Involve Talking, Texting On Cellphones
Washington Post

Amtrak To Add WiFi, Upgrade Fleet

Awaiting Crosswalk, Venice Residents Put Up Their Own Signs
LA Curbed

Big Transit News: Bush-Era Rule Tossed, Enviro Benefits On The Table
DC StreetsBlog

Blogging From TRB: Performance-Based Funding Systems In The United States
The City Fix

County Development Group Sees $1 Billion Economic Boast [sic] By Extending Gold Line
Pasadena Star-News

DOT Stimulus Payouts Approach $8 Billion
Journal Of Commerce

Extra Lane Added To 110 / 5 Freeway Connector: New Lane Will Alternate Using Electronic Signs And Lighted Pavement Markers

Extra Stop At Dorsey High Added To Expo Line?
LA Curbed

Feds Announce Change To Consider Livability In Funding Transit Projects
Transportation For America

Freight Rail Traffic Hit 20-Year Lows In 2009
LA StreetsBlog

Gold Line Crossings Exhibit Dangerous Diversity
The Bus Bench

International Transit Experts Share Advice For U.S. Subways
Washington Examiner

It's Not An M.T.A. App, But It's Close (New York MTA mobile web access)
New York Times

Legislative Analyst’s First Look At 2009 Business Plan
California High Speed Rail Blog

Report: Dozens Of Bridges Use Fault-Prone Eyebars: Caltrans Closed Bay Bridge Over Cracked Eyebar

Schwarzenegger Plan For Gasoline Taxes Slammed As "Bait And Switch"
Sacramento Bee

Spain: The Next American System?
(high-speed rail)
PBS Blueprint America

State Adopts Greenest Building Codes In U.S.
San Francisco Chronicle

State DOTs: We Back National Transport Goals – If We Get To Write Them
DC StreetsBlog

Success In Pico-Union Highlighted In New Bike Parking Resource Guide
LA StreetsBlog
Getting More Bike Parking Racks In Your Neighborhood: A Community Resource Guide (16p. PDF)

Transportation Research Board 2009 Annual Report
(76p. PDF)
Transportation Research Board

US Government Plans Overhaul Of New Start Funding Guidelines, Reducing Importance Of Cost-Effectiveness
Transport Politic

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood Announces Historic New Safety Standards For Freight And Passenger Trains
U.S. DOT Federal Railroad Administration Press Release

What's The Status Of The Transportation Bill?
California High Speed Rail Blog