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Transportation Headlines for Tuesday December 1, 2009

Alameda Corridor Could Tap Ports For Cash As Early As 2011
Cunningham Report

Better Bikeways: Getting Rolling With Improved Signage

Build It Right Or Don't Build It

Calif.'s OCTA Launches Text Messaging
Metro Magazine

Driven With Distraction
(DOT Secretary LaHood on texting while driving)
Washington Post

Engineers Who Hacked Into L.A. Traffic Signal Computer, Jamming Streets, Sentenced
Los Angeles Times

Entering The Superproject Void
New York Times

The Fight To Make North Figueroa Bike Friendly
Flying Pigeon

Gold Line Lake Station In Pasadena Adds Watchtower, Remains Deafening
Curbed LA

If You Don't Have Safe Streets, All The Light Rail Lines In The World Aren't Going To Save Your City
National Resources Defense Council

LA City Bike Plan: Only 28 Miles Of New Bike Lane

LaHood To Congress: It's Time To Talk About A Gas Tax Increase
LA StreetsBlog

Lancet Study: We Must Reduce Auto Dependency
DC StreetsBlog

LAPD Tackle Cyclists At Friday's Critical Mass
LA StreetsBlog

Lobbyists Rush To High-Speed Rail

MacArthur Park Gentrification Watch? Westlake Theatre Plan Moves Forward
LA Curbed

Maybe Metro Isn't So Bad After All?
LA StreetsBlog

Neighborhoods Win Input Extension On Bike Plan

New California Clean Air Guidelines Come With A Hefty Price Tag
Mother Nature Network

Opening High-Speed Rail To The Market - Before The Market's Even There
Transport Politic

Peds Or Cars? No Certain Plan For Chick Hearn Court Closures
Blog Downtown

Rush Is On For Stimulus' High-Speed Rail Dollars
USA Today

State Legislative Committees Hold Trio Of Hearings Downtown
LA StreetsBlog

Supporters Map Route For Bicycle Loop Around Downtown Riverside
Riverside Press-Enterprise

Washington's Newest Gravy Train: High-Speed Rail
Center For Public Integrity

WeHo General Plan Taking Shape (desire for more density and transit hubs without gridlock)
WeHo News