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Transportation Headlines for Tuesday October 13, 2009

Calif. lawmakers seek bullet train money
San Francisco Business Journal

Can Ontario Airport be Saved by Trains and Housing?
Curbed LA

Chicago CTA plan: $3 for train, 25-cent bus fare hike, job losses
Chicago Breaking News

DOT steps up digital vigilance for National Cybersecurity Awareness Month
USDOT Fastlane

DOT Stimulus Payout Tops $3.65 Billion
Journal of Commerce

Frank Gruber: What I say – Just who is unsafe? (Exposition Light Rail)

L.A.'s Subway Hits New Roadblocks
California Real Estate Journal

Metrolink fare hike: A picture with three frames

One Step Closer: Metro Releases Final(?) Draft 2009 Long Range Transportation Plan
I Will Ride

Public hearings to discuss high-speed rail in Riverside County
Desert Sun

Public hearings start for high-speed train network
Daily News

San Diego to L.A. bullet train hearings will be held this week
San Diego News Network

Should Scope Of Surface Transportation Policy Grow Or Shrink?
National Journal

Schwarzenegger vetoes bill banning 710 above-ground freeway option
San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Some lawmakers frown on museum spending - Many see federal funding for museums as pork-barrel excess in a time of record deficits. Supporters say the money is needed now more than ever
LA Times

Tale of Two Cities: LA's Metro vs. NYC's MTA

U.S. West Coast Ports and Railroads Promote Trade Gateway
Journal of Commerce