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Transportation Headlines for Friday, October 30, 2009

A 5th Option? (Little Tokyo Community Council Asks Metro To Consider Underground Station At Nikkei Center Property)
Little Tokyo Unplugged

Amazing German Bike-Carrying Train

Amtrak To Assume All Commuter-Train Operations For Metrolink
Progressive Railroading

Announcing The 2010 Bike [and Pedestrian] Summit!
Urban & Environmental Policy Institute

At Senate Climate Hearings, Lots Of Transport Talk And All Eyes On Baucus
LA Streetsblog

Bad News For the Mayor: Money To Privatize Infrastructure Drying Up In Recession
LA Streetsblog

LA 2.0: Refresh, Reinvent, Re-Imagine – Join Fellow Urban Thinkers for LA 2.0, A Call For Fresh Ideas For The 21st Century City

How Much Per Driver Did US Freeways Lose?
California High Speed Rail Blog

If Only The Mayor Rode A Bike…

LA’s Draft Bike Plan Is A Step Backward On Bike Lanes

Metro Talks About Regional Connector: Downtown Meetings To Update Residents On Rail Plans
Los Angeles Downtown News

MORE Confessions Of Spatial Navigators (Part II)
Human Transit

(New York) MTA To Publish Board Materials On Internet

OCTA Contemplates Route Reductions During Deficit

OCTA Grants $1.5M For Long Beach Street Improvements
Long Beach Post

Privately Run Infrastructure Deals Dry Up
USA Today

SANDAG To Try Social Media

Smart Traffic: How We Get From Point A Today To Point B Tomorrow

Take Transit Seriously, LA Observed
LA Observed

Villaraigosa Wants Transit Projects On The Fast Track: The Mayor Envisions Completion In 10 Years Instead Of 30 And Makes Rail His Top Priority – His Plan Would Need At Least $10 Billion In Additional Funds
Los Angeles Times