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Transportation Headlines for Monday August 3, 2009

91 freeway widening could reduce travel time by 15 minutes - A Corona company has said it can do the work for millions less than OCTA officials expected
Orange County Register

Carpools, buses, solo drivers saving time in HOT lane - First annual report shows HOT lane option still growing in popularity
Washington State DOT

Case Study: Los Angeles: Creating Sustainability in Paradise
Passenger Transport

Does Greener Transportation Mean Less Green For The Highway Trust Fund?
National Journal

Drive for faster trains - President Obama has pledged $13 billion to ‘jump-start’ a high-speed rail system. Is it too little, too late?
The Week

Eric Owen Moss wants to piece together L.A.'s fragments - The architect hopes his latest projects will help bring the city closer to a new vision
Los Angeles Times

Eyes on the Street: Meters in Union Station? What the…
LA Streetsblog

Foothill Transit Reports Success with Sustainability
Passenger Transport

Fourth Urbanism, Part 6: Limitations on Urbanism
Huffington Post

Important “How” of Transportation Funding
International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association

MPOs Have Scope, But No Power

Omnitrans rolls out new buses
San Bernardino Sun

Pay Close Attention to the Following Message About Distraction
LA Streetsblog

Ports may put end to cargo fee
Daily Breeze

Riverside, CA: A Champion of Green Technology
Passenger Transport

Senate committee OKs rapid transit money for San Bernardino
Press Enterprise

State's long spending spree halted abruptly
San Francisco Chronicle

Streetcar project heads to vote - Well-connected but low-ranked company would handle the $6 million planning phase
Orange County Register

Street trolley gaining steam in downtown Los Angeles
Los Angeles Times

Thomas Elias: Fast lanes for the rich coming soon
San Gabriel Valley Tribune

T.O., Caltrans launch Hwy. 101/Hwy. 23 widening project
Ventura County Star

Transit 511 combines public transportation systems in the Bay Area
Government Computer News

Vegas Maglev Supporters Strike Back
California High Speed Rail Blog

Want to Add 30,000 Cars to the I-210? Then Dig the 710 Tunnel
LA Streetsblog

What's a "Street Trolley?"