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Transportation Headlines for Tuesday July 28, 2009

Anaheim considering monorail to get people to Disney Resort - Meetings planned on ARTIC and guideway system connecting to resort
Press Enterprise

Balancing the budget by generating more riders through word-of-mouth
Trillium Solutions

DOT kicks-off CARS, a win-win-win opportunity
USDOT Fastlane

Federal Transportation Funding Dilemma Raises State Equity Questions
Transport Politic

Frank Gruber: What I say – Complexity is Reality (Expo maintenance yard)
Santa Monica Surf/Lookout News

Greyhound Trumps Advanced Technology

Human Transit: Should L.A. Develop Like Paris or N.Y.?
LA Streetsblog

Inland experts joining transit panel
Press Enterprise

It actually happened - LA (Metro) is now on Google Transit!
LA Subway Blog

LAX less busy these days
Press Telegram

Make-or-Break Week for Transportation Begins on the Hill
NY Streetsblog

Pasadena Thinking of Taking a Car-Lane for Bikes and Peds. at Rose Bowl
LA Streetsblog

Shanghai subway to be world's longest by 2010
China Daily

Should California bid for the 2020 Summer Olympics?
California High Speed Rail Blog

Subway To Sea Drilling/Meetings In WeHo
Pedestrian View of Los Angeles

Trains of Thought - Rail Fanatics From Across the Country Try Out Los Angeles’ System
LA Downtown News

Transformative Potential of Bike Sharing
LA Streetsblog

Watch for Subway Crews
LA Observed

Welcome to the Metro Gold Line Car Wash
Travelin’ Local