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Transportation Headlines for Thursday July 23, 2009

Between Cell Phones And Higher Speed Limits, 25,000 Deaths And $1 Trillion Lost On US Roads?

BRU Joins National Effort To Raise Federal Funds For Transit Operations
LA StreetsBlog

Could $20-Per-Gallon Gasoline Make Us Happier?
National Public Radio

Denied Tax Revenues, Local Officials In California Are Fuming
New York Times

Designing The Future: High-Speed Rail And Federal Aid To Mass Transit
Daily Kos

Don’t Be So Square: Why American Drivers Should Learn To Love the Roundabout

Drivers Face Delays From 2,000 Stimulus-Funded Projects: US Motorists Are Likely To See More Construction Zones This Summer
Christian Science Monitor

Firm’s Track Record May Decide Fate Of Its MTA Contract
Los Angeles Times

How The Subway To The Sea Could Change Los Angeles’ Culture
Huffington Post

Local Road Work At Risk In New Budget Agreement
Capitol Weekly

(D.C.) Metro Discovers Problems In Additional Track Circuits
Washington Post

Opinion: High-Tech Highway Funding
Boston Globe

Opinion: The MTA And AnsaldoBreda: Economic Pressures Have Hitched Themselves To A Pending Board Vote On Switching Car Manufacturers
Los Angeles Times

Practical Measures To Increase Transit Advertising Revenues
U.S. Transportation Research Board (Executive Summary here)

Rethinking The Street Space: Why Street Design Matters

A Seat On The Bus?
The Nation

State Budget Plan Might Shut Down Some City Redevelopment Agencies
Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

Transforming Transportation (interview with Congressman James Oberstar)
Living On Earth