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Transportation Headlines for Friday June 26, 2009

AC Transit considers deep service cuts
San Francisco Chronicle

Assembly approves budget package, but Schwarzenegger says he'll veto it
Los Angeles Times

Beyond D.C.'s Metro Crash: A Nation's Aging Transit System

Boxer: Forget Transportation Bill, Work with Me on Something Else
LA Streetsblog

DOT Secretary LaHood: Payments To States May Be Delayed

Express Lanes Coming To Our County
LB Post

Government estimates $20 billion highway funding shortfall

Historical Documents: Oberstar’s Two-Page Handwritten Outline Of The Transpo Bill
The Infrastucturist

L.A. Breaks Ground on Orange Line Extension - Busway will head up Canoga Ave from current western terminus
Transport Politic

LAUSD on Expo
Curbed LA

Looking for a Transit Friendly Community? Try Claremont
LA Streetsblog

Los Angeles History Bits (Orange Line)
LA Observed

Metro Board Punts on AnsaldoBreda
LA Streetsblog

Metro to Use Funds for Upgrades, Not Bank Lease Deals

MTA Works to Avoid D.C. Train Tragedy - Officials improve training and review systems

Officials say crash like D.C. Metro not likely in other cities

Probe Finds Metro Control 'Anomalies' - Investigators Test Electronics Near the Scene Of Fatal Crash
Washington Post

Tram-Train Technology Debuts

Transportation Bill Is Dead As A Doornail For 2009 Because Nobody Can Figure Out How To Pay For It
The Infrastrurcturist

Westside traffic relief coming with widening of Sawtelle
Los Angeles Times/LA Now

Where Should the LADOT and Planning Do Workshops on Bike Plan?
LA Streetsblog

White House is Happy about 405 Freeway Project