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Transportation Headlines for Friday January 9, 2009

An Argument for Congestion Pricing

Cal Poly Pomona develops small transit system for mass use
San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Cars with More Emissions Pay Bigger Parking Fees In Britain

Controller freezes payments on transportation projects
Capitol Weekly

DASH Accident Leaves Pedestrian Dead

Google Transit isn't about Google
Greater Washington

Is There Any Chance We'll Be Riding A Subway To The Sea Before We're Old and Grey?
Franklin Avenue

Key vote on subway project later this month
Bottleneck Blog

LA Mayor Wants Subway Construction Schedule Speeded Up
Riding My Train

LA Subway Timetable Off-the-Rails Crazy - Voters and local officials frustrated by projected delays at LA County MTA

Measure R and Beyond

Media Silent on Horrific Bus Crash Downtown

MTA board delays adopting long-range plan
Bottleneck Blog

Metro Explains Why Subway Will Take Forever

Metro Irritated; Facebooking Us Events We Cannot Attend

Metro: Whoops. Nevermind

MTA to delay hearing on long range plan
Pasadena Star News

Oberstar Calls for $85 Billion in Transport and Public Works
Outsourced Logistics

Omnitrans to consider fare increases
SB Now

Ready, set, Inland governments compiling lists of go projects
Press Enterprise

Study says college’s traffic demands can be mitigated
Palos Verdes Peninsula News

Supervisors Knew About Metrolink's Engineer's Use of Cell Phone at Work Prior to Crash
San Fernando Valley Sun

Survey finds drivers are hanging up cell phones
Daily Breeze

Tell Congress: Don’t Waste Money on Highway Expansion

Test drilling is ‘logical first step’
La CaƱada Valley Sun