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Transportation Headlines for Saturday June 21, 2008

Bike Boulevards Coming to Long Beach

Bill aims for wireless parity on Washington subways
RCR Wireless News

Bus agencies give riders free chance to Dump the Pump (Omnitrans)
Press Enterprise

Cutting back on bikes onboard - Officials cite safety in limiting number to 4 per car on train
San Diego Union Tribune

Feds to look at LAX staffing - Air traffic control a concern
Daily News

Gas Prices And Your Commute?

It's A Gas! Metrolink At All-Time Ridership High

Mayor talks green
San Bernardino Sun

Metro Imagines More Buses Running on Time

Metrolink Ridership Increases 15.6% in 2 Days

Metro Tax Hike
Eastside Sun

Metro to Implement Six New Metro Rapid Bus Lines, Create a New Line Between Sun Vally and Hollywood and Implement Other Service Modification Effective Sunday, June 29

MTA Readying County Sales Tax Hike Prop
Long Beach Report

New Calls for Red Line Extension to Burbank

New Group Calls for Greenway Along Proposed Expo Line

NEWSFLASH! Metro Rail Subway Arrival Displays Now Operational! (Albeit Kinda Buggy...)
Militant Angeleno

Poor ridership drives Megabus to shut down in L.A.,0,304612.story?track=rss
Los Angeles Times

Putting the Mass In Mass Transit - High Gas Prices Send More Downtown Commuters to Area Trains
LA Downtown News

Travelers Shift to Rail as Cost of Fuel Rises
New York Times

Valley Power Outage Means More Traffic Tickets

Wi-Fi Service to Continue on Cincinnati Area Bus Route - Pilot showed service was well used, especially during commuting times
The Community Press

Will LA's 'Central Park' be a Downtown Freeway Park?