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Transportation Headlines for Tuesday November 25, 2008

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Applying Smart Growth Principles and Strategies to Resolving Land Use Conflicts Around Airports
Transportation Research Board

Approaches to Mitigate Freight Congestion
Transportation Research Board

Are 3 Heads Better than 2? Formulating Carpool Policies for Managed Lanes
Transportation Research Board

Despite Pushback, Cyclists’ Bill of Rights Heads to Full Council

Dianne Feinstein asks feds for waiver for Metrolink -- now, not later
Bottleneck Blog

Dodger Trolley Discontinued?

For New Transportation Secretary, a Hard Road Ahead
Washington Post

Going to Santa Barbara Car Free

Measure R now ahead by full percentage point
Bottleneck Blog

Metro Still Doesn't Have Their Act Together When it Comes to Google Transit

Metrolink debuts on Google Transit
Bottleneck Blog
Press Release:
Link to Metrolink site;

Metrolink engineers must slow near possible red lights - After Chatsworth and Rialto crashes, new rule requires trains to cut speed when alerted that light may be red. Sen. Dianne Feinstein calls for faster approvals for new collision avoidance technology
Los Angeles Times

New Urbanism: Revival of the Lost Art of Place Making and Town Building
Traditional Catholicism

Positive public works
Daily Breeze

Road Raids (expedited environmental review)
NRDC Switchboard

Rosendahl Slams Dodger, Future of Shuttle in Doubt?

Santa Monica’s Visionary “Bus of the Future” Project Receives High Marks from Transportation Industry
Santa Monica Surf/Lookout News

State lawmakers gloomy on cutting deficit
San Francisco Chronicle

Top Transportation Concerns: Infrastructure, Labor, Capacity A look at the industry buzz during the transportation track at the annual conference of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals
Supply and Demand Chain Executive

U.S. average gasoline price drops below $2 a gallon
Los Angeles Times

Who's Next In Line For A Bailout? State governments. They're in debt and looking to Congress for reprieve

Will the Dodger Trolley return?
Los Angeles Times