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Transportation Headlines for Saturday November 1, 2008

Better Choice for Bike Path
Press Enterprise

Building Out of Economic Chaos
Washington Independent

California's High-Speed Rail Dream May Face Defeat

Freeway bottlenecks
Los Angeles Times

Gas prices dip below $3 a gallon, but drivers might still stay off road
Press Enterprise

Google Transit – Unofficial Transit Feeds Clearinghouse

Judge blocks Washington Metro from huge payout in AIG mess
Bottleneck Blog

Legislation Edges California Closer to True Urban Planning

Legislator will renew port fee bill
Press Telegram

Many drivers don't see east-west divide over Measure R - Commuters in both areas share concerns about worsening traffic and mixed feelings about the half-cent sales tax hike
Los Angeles Times

Measure R: An undecided voter e-mails
Los Angeles Times/Culture Monster

New Downtown DASH Contract Looks to Space Out Bunched Up Buses

Not all aboard `trolley'
Daily Bulletin

Palmdale Dropped From Regional Airports Plan
San Fernando Business Journal

Passenger trains gain favor with public, Congress
Associated Press

Prop 1A's bullet train would speed L.A.'s growth
Los Angeles Times

Richard Katz: Measure R Is County’s Only Option to Move Los Angeles And Clean the Region’s Air
The Planning Report

Riverside Greyhound station to stay open 3 more months
Press Enterprise

Senator Alan Lowenthal Laments Governor’s Veto of SB 974; Endorses L.A.’s Measure R
The Planning Repor

Simi Valley Bicycle Survey
SoCal Bike Forums

Transit Agencies in Bind Due to SILO Deals and AIG Collapse
Tax Foundation

Trolley System in Town?
San Clemente Times

We Ought To Debate Measure R More Often!
Flying Pigeon

What L.A.'s Transit Tax Proposal Would Mean

Why LACMA loves Measure R to the tune of $900K
Bottleneck Blog