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Transportation Headlines for Sunday January 27, 2008

Bill offers rebates, exacts fees based on car emissions - Buyers would get money back on autos with lower emissions and be charged extra on higher polluters,1,6506483.story
Los Angeles Times

Councilmember LaBonge proposes greening LA's alleyways
Council District 4

'Feebates' for new cars - California should enact legislation that would cut emissions without hurting taxpayers,0,3149233.story
Los Angeles Times

Flood channel monorails?

Gold Line Work Upsets Merchants
Los Angeles Business Journal

LACMTA committee votes for subway barrier gates

Making skies friendlier - Congestion-pricing idea should reduce airport conges
Daily Breeze

Metro's Gold Line Expansion Will Shut Down First Street Bridge

No Stopping (Olympic Blvd)
Canyon News

Sprinter's start date postponed to March
San Diego Union Tribune

Three objectives for regional progress (Gold Line Foothill Extension, Alameda Corridor East)
Pasadena Star News

Wrong way for teen drivers - California's strict law on licenses may not be making the roads safer for young people,0,1585526.story
Los Angeles Times