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Transportation Headlines for Friday Decemer 28, 2007

All Night Subway/Light Rail Service New Year's Eve

California Plans to Improve Public Infrastructure, Save Taxpayer Dollars
Imperial Valley News

Carpool lanes proposed for Interstate 10 - Studies announced for new express lanes, but it could be 2018 by the time the $1.2 billion project happens
Redlands Daily Facts

Free bus rides offered for partiers on New Year’s Eve
Daily Pilot

Holiday services updated 12-19-07
Southern California Transit Advocates

How to get from here to there - A bus with a view? A monorail? Your own two feet?,0,4432703,full.story
Los Angeles Times

Imagine an elevated future,1,5427157.story?coll=la-news-comment
Los Angeles Times

Is The Mayor Serious on Public Transit?
Mayor Sam

Loma Linda seeks OK to connect bike trails
San Bernardino Sun

Mapping Out the Madness: Tournament of Roses

Maybe We Can Learn From L.A.
Tampa Tribune

Metrolink will run on a New Year schedule
Yucaipa/Calimesa News Mirror

Mexican trucks to keep rolling in U.S. - Administration's move angers foes in Congress
San Diego Union Tribune

More study sought for the Big Dig
La CaƱada Valley Sun

New Rapid Bus Lines Let You Experience LA

Newsletter from the 42nd District (Expo & Westside Extension)
Bel Air Online

O.C. Bus Drivers Will Be Designated Drivers - Some Bus Lines Will Remain Operating Free Until 4 a.m. New Year's Morning

Pico-Robertson to mayor -- let our parking stay
Jewish Journal

Regional Transportation Plan: All it takes is money
Highland Community News

Report: Region's growth not so 'smart'
North County Times/Californian

Reyes foresees extensive plan for bike travel
Los Angeles Wave

San Diego Metro Giving Free Rides On New Years Eve
10 News TV

Sexy! Photos Of That New Red Disney Monorail
L.A. Curbed

That DASH around town has a price
Daily News

Tolls to hit $1 a mile on 91 Express Lanes - Friday afternoon drivers will pay up to $10 for a quicker commute,1,7856615.story?coll=la-headlines-pe-california
Los Angeles Times

Voters think taxes need to be raised to trim budget gap - 48% to 43% margin smaller than in '03
San Diego Union Tribune
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