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Transportation Headlines for Friday December 14, 2007

2 sought in train, car collision
Daily Bulletin

11th District: Intersections getting new left-turn signals
The Argonaut

Anaheim begins steps to end train whistles
Orange County Register

Budget woes make for long, cold winter
Capitol Weekly

Carpoolers' free ride may be over - County officials propose converting some carpool lanes to toll lanes, but the 405 is not included in the initial plan. An MTA proposal to convert the lanes to toll roads has some fuming.,1,7985201.story?coll=la-headlines-california
Los Angeles Times

Connections Are Key to Valley’s Most Powerful Person in SFV: David Fleming
San Fernando Business Journal

Credit Cards, Cell Phones Work On New LA Parking Meters

Does Metro Board Chair Take Metro? Apparently yes.

Governor planning across-the-board budget cuts
Sacramento Bee

Judge says California can regulate greenhouse gases from cars,1,5378469.story?coll=la-headlines-business
Los Angeles Times

Marina Fwy connectors to I-405 to be closed at set times through January 11th
The Argonaut

Núñez raises the prospect of hikes in taxes, car fees
Sacramento Bee

new shopping center targets koreatown’s diversity

No Need For a Quarter: Meters Take Plastic - Parking Meters In North Hollywood Take Change, Cards, Cell Phones

Officials fuming on road funding
San Bernardino Sun

Officials wary of new home fee - Study: Growth will require $13.8 billion in freeways
North County Times/Californian

Parking meters get smart
Daily News

Pico/Olympic Meeting Announced

Port workers give biometric data for access - First batch of employees signs up for high-tech entrance cards
Press Telegram

Protest Grows: Freeway Billboards Delayed

Riders give test of double-decker bus a high five
San Francisco Chronicle

Stuff a Bus drive coming to end, needs more toys
Antelope Valley Press

Traffic changes coming, including new left-turn Vista del Mar restrictions
The Argonaut

Waldorf Fundraiser Falls Short for Sunset Signal
Palisadian Post

Wheels for swingers - Americas Bike Co. is banking on its hinged design to catch on with riders,1,4270261.story?coll=la-headlines-business
Los Angeles Times