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Transportation Headlines for Saturday November 24, 2007

1.85 million LAX passengers expected within ten-day Thanksgiving travel period
The Argonaut

60 /91 /215 interchange project big for region, not its team
Press Enterprise

An uncertain billion - Extra money is needed for trade-related problems, but this just doesn't do the job
Press Telegram

Editorial: Don't fund roads and rails at expense of health - Governor should require air quality to be a factor in awarding Proposition 1B funds
Sacramento Bee

EIR Receiving Little Attention in Monrovia - The city of Monrovia has released the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) for the proposed updates to the land use and transportation portions of the city’s General Plan
Pasadena Independent

Gov. finds himself in a bigger budget bind - Many of the spending options Schwarzenegger used to have are no longer available,0,4774909.story?coll=la-home-center
Los Angeles Times

Higlights from Pam O'Conner's most recent Q and A and Some Questions from Us

In Search of a Great Street - Barcelona's Ramblas Provides Hints for Downtown's Broadway
L.A. Downtown News

Kid's Tour of Los Angeles Union Station

L.A.: The Gridlock Champion Should Inspire Better Planning
California Planning and Development Report

Retail Container Traffic Sluggish, Says Report
CalTrade Report

Southland's federal funds at risk - President George W. Bush has placed himself squarely between the Southland and millions of dollars for transportation and social services, blocking two appropriations bills in an attempt to rein in spending
Daily News