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Transportation Headlines for Wednesday September 26, 2007

45% of drivers caught by Valley's red-light cameras aren't cited
Daily News

California gas prices jump 17 cents in month
San Francisco Chronicle

Denver RTD Votes to Increase Fare Prices
Riders will pay more for bus and light rail service next year
Fox Denver

From beach to mission to harbor?
A tri-city trolley system is under review
Orange County Register

Germany to build first commercial Maglev train line

Gold Line extension proposal would boost Ontario Airport
Daily News

If Cyclists Think They’ve Got it Bad in NYC, Check Out L.A.
Streets Blog

Mayor Backs Plan To Extend Light Rail To Ontario Airport -Expansion Plan Needs Approval From MTA

New York Plan to Increase Transit Fares Draws Fire

Not-so-brief history of the city of Los Angeles - Dozens of historians spent nine years combing through unkempt municipal archives to compile a thorough, 1,000-page chronicle of governments dating back to 1769,1,2148983.story?coll=la-headlines-california
Los Angeles Times

Public Displays of Affection Los Angeles
Experience L.A.

Rail's New Competitor: Buses. Part IV: Rail Keeps Its Reputation

Residents speak on Port pollution
Press Telegram

Seeing the future - Mixed-use development in El Monte a possibility
San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Surviving depots highlight tourist track
San Bernardino Sun

Transit Oriented Entertainment: Public Displays of Affection in Hollywood

Transportation chief driven to get projects done - She's ready to take next exit
Ventura County Star

U-turn on toll road - Council reverses itself, opposes San Onofre plan
San Diego Union Tribune