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Transportation Headlines for Wednesday September 19, 2007

60-minute mile - Drivers' commuting times get longer and longer
Daily Bulletin

Angelenos stuck in gridlock for 72 extra hours each year - Study finds rush hour worst in L.A.
Daily News
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California seen as model for traffic relief in U.S.
Mercury News

Cash in on the rebuilding boom - States and cities will spend billions to beef up bridges, roads, utility lines, and other aging infrastructure in coming years
CNN Money

Clean trucks won't hinder Port
Press Telegram

Debate intensifies over Nevada rail projects (California-Nevada Maglev)
The Hill

'Desperate' advertising: Parking stripes hot new way to get the word out
Daily News

Federal Judge Tosses Calif Global Warming Lawsuit Against Automakers
ABC News

Letters to the editor - Re "Unclogging carpool lanes is a priority," Sept. 12,0,6148064.story?coll=la-news-comment-letters
Los Angeles Times

MTA Raises Prices, Empties Wallets
L.A. Valley College Star

No surprise, our traffic is the worst in U.S. - National report released Tuesday confirmed that the region's clogged traffic costs drivers an average of 72 hours a year
Orange County Register

Officials study future of three rail crossings - County concerned about safety along Highway 118
Ventura County Star

Santa Monica Developer Proposes Major Project in West LA
Santa Monica Surf/Lookout News

S.F. studying congestion pricing to ease traffic, promote transit
San Francisco Chronicle

Still the reigning champ of traffic delays - Motorists in Los Angeles and Orange counties wasted an average of 72 hours in rush-hour congestion in 2005. But the Inland Empire and the Ventura area are gaining ground,0,7590679.story?coll=la-home-center
Los Angeles Times

Streetcar's Unfortunate Acronym Seems Here to Stay
Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Titan Group Bringing $1.2B Transit Village to El Monte CA
CoStar Group

Traffic Congestion Is Getting Worse, Study Says
New York Times

Traffic congestion worsening in the county, study says
Ventura County Star