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Transportation Headlines for Wednesday June 13, 2007

Amtrak President Testifies on Hill

Californians outraged at fed smog lobbying
Daily Newss

DWP ordered to pay $224 million - Judge finds agency overcharged other civic entities. Ruling has dire implications for city budget, which relies on transferred funds,1,6735149.story?track=rss
Los Angeles Times

Evacuation Software Finds Best Way to Route Millions of Vehicles
University of Arizona News

Governor wants to shift $1.3 billion from transit in budget
San Diego Union Tribune

L.A. Should Roll on City of Bikes

LA Wins 4 of 12 Worst Bottlenecks in the US

Leadership on traffic ...
Daily News

Major increase in fuel standards in the works
San Francisco Chronicle

Major shipper goes electric
Press Telegram

State's title as gateway to trade threatened - Officials developing plans to ease congestion, pollution
Daily News