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Transportation Headlines for Monday June 25, 2007

Amtrak selling 30-day rail pass for $999
North County Times/Californian

Californians buying less gas - Drop spans 3 consecutive quarters, the first such trend in more than 14 years
Oakland Tribune

Coming soon to a neighborhood near you - Budgets: Street fixes, bids to bring in business, safety and recreation top lists (Bike trials on MTA rights of way)
Press Telegram

How a bid for U.S. transit cash bounced from fast lane - A proposal by the city of Los Angeles and the MTA to curb freeway congestion was rejected because planners failed to do their homework,1,5717949.story?track=rss
Los Angeles Times

On track for urban renewal – There’s a lot riding on local mass transit projects. And we don't just mean the passengers
Pasadena Star news

Port air proposals may help truckers, dealers
Daily Breeze

Room to drive - Free the HOV lanes! The question is how
Daily News

State bill would add $130m in fees - Money would go for research into alternative fuel, clean air (AB 118)
Fresno Bee

State shifts gears on gas prices - California bills focus on industry accountability
Whittier Daily News