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Transportation Headlines for Thursday Dec. 4, 2007

A fair return for California
Whittier Daily News

An airport chief who flew high: The mayor might have a difficult time landing another manager as good as outbound Lydia Kennard,0,4581842.story?coll=la-opinion-leftrail
Los Angeles Times

Bus Rapid Transit BRT NEWSLANE: VOL. 5, NUMBER 4 (pdf file)

Bus Transit Service In Land Development Planning (pdf file)
Transit Cooperative Research Program/Transportation Research Board

Comparative Review And Analysis Of State Transit Funding Programs
Nation Cooperative Highway Research Program/Transportation Research Board

Congestion Pricing: A primer (pdf file)
U.S. Federal Highway Administration

Future Of Highway And Transit Finance: Steering clear of the breakdown lane (pdf file)
Transportation Research News

Government finalizes rules for port ID card: Background checks to begin in March on 750,000; card to go into effect 18 months later
Press Telegram

L.A.'s unfriendly skies: Kennard offered regional solution to air travel problems
Daily News

MTA driver killed when bus hits tree
Daily Breeze

Redlands finally gets started updating General Plan
Redlands Daily Facts

Region can't fix key problems, official warns: David E. Janssen, L.A. County's retiring chief executive, makes a pitch for giving his successor more power,1,5184297.story?coll=la-headlines-california&ctrack=1&cset=true
Los Angeles Times

Transportation-bond dollars unlikely to end traffic jams
Capitol Weekly

Turning Green Into Gold (see no. 10 on list)
LA City Beat