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Transportation Headlines for Saturday August 5, 2006

Block Rush-Hour Drivers and You Will Pay, City Says,1,7546237.story?coll=la-headlines-pe-california
Los Angeles Times

Feasibility study gives Transrapid transport system a global boost: The Transrapid transport system is gaining ground globally. Plans for the system are already drawn up of use in Europe, China, the US and Australia
Engineer Live

Highway 74 widening project now complete
North County Times/Californian

Major investment planned in trams to help beat city centre congestion: Many cities throughout the world have planned or are planning major investments in tram transport in order to cut down car congestion
Engineer Live

Retired Coast Guard admiral joins L.B. port: Hire to a top spot comes during major restructuring
Press Telegram

Sacramento Transit fares on rise again: Second phase of RT boost to start Sept. 1 as agency cites higher costs
Sacramento Bee

Steering trucks to a night shift: An Inland official resurrects a daytime trucking ban to ease highway congestion
Riverside Press Enterprise