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Transportation Headlines for Monday March 13, 2006

About 600 California bridges still need retrofits: Hundreds have been identified at high risk in earthquakes. Local governments seek funding
Daily Breeze

Arnold seeks last-minute deal on bond measure
Los Angeles Daily News

Arnold’s Moonshots: With a “Big Five” meeting said by inside sources to be on tap this morning, Governor still has some chance to salvage something of his infrastructure package – Bill Bradley
New West Notes blog

Can Old Hollywood Exist With the New? (Hollywood & Vine Development)
Canyon News

Environmental Commission Considered
Long Beach Gazette

Gov. Must Be Persuasive, Not Picky, on Infrastructure Deal,1,5630203.column?coll=la-headlines-california
Los Angeles Times

Gov. seeks meeting today for public works bond
Long Beach Press Telegram

Green Light for Downtown-to-Culver City Line
L.A. Downtown News

Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Ass'n Blasts Proposed "Infrastructure Bond" As "Chock Full Of Pork"
Long Beach Report

Local Heroes: Gold Line Construction Crew
L.A. Garment and Citizen

Michigan Transportation Manager To Head LADOT
L.A. Downtown News

MTA trying purple prose: MTA weighs turning part of Red Line subway purple
Los Angeles Daily News

New solar-powered flashing lights have been installed in 31 school zones throughout Los Angeles County
Daily News – Santa Clarita edition

Saving a boy's life was all in a good day's work: Tow truck driver John Meza will be honored today for rescuing an 11-year-old from his seatbelt (Freeway Service Patrol)
Orange County Register