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Transportation Headlines for Wednesday December 12, 2007

Anaheim zones for a densely populated downtown - Although the real estate market is slack, council members say they must plan for an urban future,1,307047.story?coll=la-headlines-california
Los Angeles Times

Biodiesel Fuel Management Best Practices for Transit
Transportation Research Board/U.S. DOT - FTA

Brown Announces Greenhouse Gas Agreement With Los Angeles Port
California Chronicle

Cargo site a big plus for region - Our view: One thousand good local jobs will improve Inland Empire's jobs-housing balance
San Bernardino Sun

Claremont trolley proposal moves to council for final OK
Daily Bulletin

Does the Rubber Meet the Road: Investigating the Alternatives to Congestion Pricing
Transportation Research Board/Environmental Defense

Going Green: Minimizing Aviation's Environmental Footprint at Airports
Transportation Research Board/Airports Council

Government, Ports and Air Quality Leaders Open First Natural Gas Truck Fuel Station to Support Los Angeles and Long Beach Ports' Historic Clean Air Action Plan
Yahoo! Finance

Harbor panels will examine truck fee - A charge of $35 per vehicle would implement a program to cut diesel emissions by 80 percent
Daily Breeze

Improving ADA Complementary Paratransit Demand Estimation
Transportation Research Board

LNG station opens near port - Cleaner fuel hailed; truckers, in protest, urge clients to pay for conversions
Press Telegram

Palmdale's United Airlines service still gaining altitude
Daily News

Plan eyes 'smart growth'
San Bernardino Sun

Pump prices falling, for now -- Californians can expect cheaper gasoline for Christmas. But it won't exactly be a bargain, and the forecast for next spring calls for significantly higher prices
Sacramento Bee

Railroad crossing snarls Upland traffic
Daily Bulletin

Rail Freight Solutions to Roadway Congestion--Final Report and Guidebook
Transportation Research Board

Securing America's Passenger-Rail Systems
Transportation Research Board/RAND Corporation

State's budget shortfall widens - Schwarzenegger is said to have told a group the gap is now $14 billion,1,7227366.story?coll=la-headlines-california
Los Angeles Times

Tax-Free Benefits For Commuting Lure Employees
Wall Street Journal

Test Driving a Hydrogen Car