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Transportation Headlines for Thursday August 23, 2007

Budget pinches L.A. roads - Transportation officials say loss of $1.3 billion will jeopardize area projects
Daily Breeze

Budget siphons gas sales tax revenues from mass transit - To balance the spending plan, lawmakers take $1.3 billion from bus and rail. Cuts could imperil a number of projects, officials say,1,987671.story?coll=la-headlines-california
Los Angeles Times

California High Speed Rail Authority Media Alert: Notice of Public Hearings
Business Wire

Commuter Rail Approved from Ventura to Santa Barbara Counties

Court OKs clean-air ruling on government fleets
Daily Bulletin

Driving Under The Influence - The ethanol lobby buys its way into the California legislature
L.A. City Beat

High-speed rail fans worry that Arnold could cut funds
Daily News

Homes near LAX to be soundproofed - Federal funds will be directed to properties in Lennox and Inglewood that are under jets' flight path
Daily Breeze

Impending Las Vegas Monorail Bankruptcy: Comments by Thomas A. Rubin
From the Heartland

Legislators fight to protect high-speed rail funding
California Chronicle

Making a Statement About Commuter Rail - City Council Looks Create New SB-to-Ventura Train
Santa Barbara Independent

Riverside Freeway Overpass Reopens After 2 Years

Rubberized asphalt planned for 22 freeway - Noise-blocking surface approval is expected
Orange County Register

S.F. transit agencies to suffer from budget cuts
San Francisco Examiner

State reaches settlement on gas emissions,1,6345880.story?coll=la-headlines-pe-california
Los Angeles Times

Stay to the right, experts say - UPS saves time, gas on no left turns
Daily News

A taller L.A.? He's making it happen - Christopher Pak's vision for the city has been preached by others. His knowledge of the area has helped him succeed,1,3266313.story?coll=la-headlines-california
Los Angeles Times

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